Quartzsite Off-Road

Crown Challenge - 2020

     Quartzsite Off-Road OHV Crown Challenge – 2020

- NOTE: Revised from 15 to only 6 site visits; and,

Entry fee reduced from $30 to $15 - (Feb.6)
Goal: Go to 6 (six) designated off-road locations in the Quartzsite Area.  Submit a digital photograph, proving you were there (see requirements below).  Complete all requirements by April 28, 2020 and receive:

         1.  An Official Certificate of Completion;  and,

         2.  A 2-1/4" Solid Metal Gold Commemorative Coin; and

         3.  A Commemorative PVC Key Chain. 

        Also: One of your photos of you from the challenge will be placed in the OHV Crown Challenge Winner’s page at www.quartzsiteoffroad.com. This is NOT a race.  All correct entries will receive all three premiums.
1.  One entry per year, per person.
2.  Submit a digital photograph at each location (except as noted).  .
3.  Photo must have;

         a.  The location feature / point-of-interest clearly shown in photo.
         b.  Include you holding a copy of the “Quartzsite Off-Road Atlas”, and your vehicle (except as otherwise noted).                       WARNING: No Photoshop or altered photos will be accepted.  Any errors or omissions in any photos; or photos                   not strictly in compliance with these RULES, will disqualify the entry (no refunds)

Make sure you read and follow the requirements to-the-letter.
5.  Submit photos (all at one time, DO NOT SUBMIT SEPARATELY) to:
Quartzsiteoffroad@gmail.com    -no later than April 28, 2020  - Include mailing address to receive premiums.

Entry Fee:   Fill out application on-line in "Crown Application" in Application Section on this website.                                                                 Required Destinations (6):

  1.  Halsey-Williams Mine equipment 33.65016, -114.22978
  2.  Dog Monument Sign at Tikaani Pass  [no vehicle] 33.69628, -114.05593
  3.  Guzzler (wildlife watering station) 33.73511, -114.1067
  4.  Southern Cross Mine Loading Chute.  33.77477, -114.03718
  5.  Indian Footprint  [no vehicle]  33.5736,-114.3323

  6.  Skull Rock 33.3756, -114.0692

Please respect all of these sites.  “Take photos only, leave only footprints.”

Again,  this is not a race, you have until April 28 to submit all photos.  You can do this with a group; you do not have to conduct the challenge alone; but, all entries must be individual.

Quartzsite Off-Road, QIA, and its principals assume no liability for any issues resulting from your participation in this event.  Participate and Travel strictly at your own risk.                                                  2-6- 2020