The AZPT Atlas is the ultimate comprehensive planning guide for any exploration of the Peace Trail.  The Atlas includes detailed information on trail difficulty ratings; details on each of the 34 trail segments that include: Detailed map of the segment;; Points-of-Interest; Lodging, Food, Repair Facilities, Fuel stops, Connector Trails; Alternate Routes; Photographs, and more.  Consider this Atlas  being like a Rand-McNally Off-Road Atlas for western Arizona.  Whatever town you visit, you will find the segment of the Peace Trail Route, and  off- road sights and services for that area. 

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Mission Statement:

To develop a loop trail system using existing trails and roads in Western Arizona connecting Bullhead City to Yuma; and, to assist land managers in maintaining the trail system.  Work with City, County, State and Federal Agencies to keep the desert roads and trails open for public use.  Work on projects for our community, our highways, and our public lands.  Promote the sport of Off Highway Vehicle (OHV) riding safety, with awareness and respect for the environment.


Arizona Peace TrailComprehensive ATLAS

The Trail:

Travel throughout the most beautiful rolling desert linking Mojave County, La Paz County, and Yuma County.  You will see 1000's of tall Saguaro Cactus, Cholla Cactus, diverse rock landscapes, sand washes, all types of canyons, and mountain passes.  Wildlife is abundant with Big Horn Sheep, raptors, coyotes, burrows and many other species. You can enjoy a day-trip, local side trips, or extended tours for several days on the over 750 miles of main trail with linkages to local trails.