Please, respect our historic heritage: 

--Take only photos, Leave only footprints.--

Help us assure that future generations can appreciate our living history, as ​we do today.  Thanks for your cooperation!

There is a natural spring at this site.  The windmill was used to pump water into holding tanks; then, gravity-flow to watering troughs for livestock when needed.  Scott's leadwell served cowboys and their cattle.  The cattle pens and waterers still exist as of 2016.    Due to the windmill being shot apart by vandals over time, and graffiti and gunshots to the tanks, BLM ​removed the windmill as being a hazard, and restored the tanks.

April 2013


Circa 2006

Quartzsite off Road Off Road Recreation

Please Respect Our Historic Resources

Quartzsite Off Road, AZ

Scott's Leadwell, Historic watering site

​Quartzsite Off Road off road recreation

Quartzsite Off Road atv/utv/jeep trails

Quartzsite Off Road, AZ